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Biochemistry Analyzer F-BCA101

Biochemistry Analyzer F-BCA101 utilizes a completely programmed device which submits to stream method known as constant stream investigation or portioned stream examination with discrete doing the diagnostic function. It has 60 positions test plate and 60 reagent plate positions to give the precise outcomes. Halogen light is the light source utilized in the stream strategy. It is offer with test cooling from 2 to 12 °C.

Tests / hour300 Tests/Hour
Light SourceHalogen Lamp
Wavelength340 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm, 510 nm, 546 nm, 578 nm, 630 nm, 670 nm
Reagent and Sample Tray60 Sample and 60 Reagent
Volume150 μl to 500 μL
Cooling Ratio2 to 12 °C
Sample Volume2 μl to 60 μL
Power Source12 V, 20 W
Weight110 Kg

Easy to operate used for the diagnostic function

Analyzer has the capacity of 120 tray positions from that 60 are of reagent and 60 of sample tray

It can analyze around 300 test in an hour

The analysis can be measure in 8 different wavelengths

Halogen lamp is use as the source of light

Automated chemistry analyzers measure the concentration of certain proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, metabolites, or even drugs in the provided samples of urine, other body fluids.

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