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Dry Biochemistry Analyzer F-BCA102

Dry Biochemistry Analyzer F-BCA102 gives you quick and solid exact outcomes with 4.3-inch contact screen and it is expected for proficient use in clinical research facility. The example size is 0.1cc (100 µl). This analyzer manages the quality control unit and memory limit of this analyzer is up to 50,000. The present encompassing temperature 10 to 30℃. There are 2 estimation rule spectrophotometry and turbidometery. The total test time finishes in a range of 8 to 12 minutes

Data Input Display4.3 inch touch screen
Mode of OperationContinuous
Ambient Temperature10 to 30 ℃(50 to 86 ºF), indoor use
Humidity40% to 85%
Reaction Temperature37 ℃±0.2 ℃
Measurement PrincipleSpectrophotometry, Turbidometery
Quality Control FeatureBuilt-in real-time Quality Control system
CommunicationBi-directional input/output
InterfaceWIFI, USB, Bluetooth, LIS/EMR capable
Memory CapacityUp to 50,000 patient and quality control results
Sample TypeAnticoagulant additives whole blood, serum or plasma
Sample Size0.1cc (100 µl)
Test Time8 to 12 minutes
Power Requirements120 VA(Power bank Capable)
Main Voltage Supply100 to 240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm210×125×175
Weight2.5 kg (4.85 lbs)

The mode of operation for this particular analyzer is continuous

It gives a good memory capacity up to 50000 quality control results

The management platform is designed for hospital and laboratory information systems, including HIS, LIS, HR, IZS and EMR

It reduces the error with real time quality control

Eliminate carryover contamination with single use panels

This analyzer simplifies and standardize the work processes and reduce the workload of employees

Analyzers measure the concentration of certain proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, metabolites, or even drugs in the provided samples of urine, other body fluids.