Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner F-DIUC102

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Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner F-DIUC102

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner F-DIUC100 series are robust electronically controlled ultrasonic cleaning bath tanks. Precise process controller with digital timer ensures safer water performance. High grade stainless steel chamber resists cavitation bubbles and strong solvents when deep cleaning is required. Ultrasonic piezo-electric transducers perform precise cleaning, suitable for fragile minor items.

Capacity1.3 L
Ultrasonic Power70 W
Interior tank dimensions150 × 135 × 65 mm
Exterior unit dimensions180 × 165 × 205 mm
Sonic frequency40 kHz
Timer1 ~ 30 mins
Temperature80 °C
Power supply110 V - 220 V / 50 Hz
Net Weight2.1 kg
Gross Weight2.6 kg

High performance ultrasonic resonance

Electronic process control for reliable cleaning

Digital LED display to indicate timer count down

Interlocking stainless steel lid prevents splashing or cross contamination

Stainless steel wire-mesh basket for dip cleaning or strong solvent

Tank heating facility

Used in research labs, manufacturing cells, jewelers, etc. for consistent, standard-grade washing of metal machinery, ceramics, glassware, plastic and many other materials in a short time span.