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Drying Oven F-DRYO201

Drying Oven F-DRYO201 is specially designed to achieve extreme dryness by evaporating all the moisture contents from biomass or other materials. Its microprocessor controlled PID system helps in achieving accurate high temperatures with forced air convection to ensure greater temperature uniformity. It is well fitted with an over temperature alarm and automatic alarm which helps to certify that the samples are kept at accurate working temperatures from 50 °C to 200 °C. This 25-liter chamber volume dry oven also has additional features such as corrosion resistant stainless steel interior chamber and double layered glass window that provides faster efficiency and stability during operation.

Volume25 L
Temperature Range50 to 200℃
Temperature Resolution0.1 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation± 1 ℃
Timer0 to 999 min
Dimension (W× D ×H)570×530×460 mm
Packaging Dimension670×610×530 mm
Gross Weight /Net Weight41/29 kg
Working Size300×300×275 mm
Power500 W
Voltage110 V 60 Hz / 220 V 50 Hz

Fitted with a microprocessor based PID digital display system used for identifying set value and process values of temperature and running timer

Inbuilt digital timer to control the temperature from ambient 50 °C to 200 °C with ± 1 °C temperature fluctuation

Interior of the oven is made up of high-quality stainless steel where chamber corners are semicircle for quick and easy cleaning and longer shelf life

Digital timer can be set from 0 to 999 min

Alarm systems for over temperature are provided to ensure that the experiment runs safely avoiding accidental hazards

Automatic alarm after operation to alert the user that the experiments are done successfully

Door with double layered temper glass window that makes observing objects in the working chamber more convenient which efficiently prevents heat loss

Safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use

Mainly used in the fields of industrial, laboratory, biochemistry, medical health, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research field applications such as drying, moisture content determination, baking, dewaxing, sterilization and heat treatment under vacuum conditions.

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