Flame Photometer F-FPM101

Flame Photometer F-FPM101

Flame Photometer F-FPM101 is a high quality and high performance instrument with digital output display, used for determination of concentration of certain metal ions mainly K and Na. There will be no damage to the equipment as the air supply is oil and moisture free. The environmental temperature is 10 ℃ to 35 ℃ and Relative humidity is ≤ 85%. The Flame failures can be easily detected by protection functions for more safe and reliable operation.

Elements DetectedK, Na
SensitivityK: 0.156 ppm
Na: 0.184 ppm
RangeK: 0 - 100 ppm
Na: 0 - 160 ppm
LinearityK: 0.195 ppm (0.39 - 3.12) ppm
Na: 0.69 ppm (1.15 - 9.2) ppm
Aspiration Rate2 to 6 mL/min
Air Supply6 L/min at 11 psi
Response Time<8 s
Dimension770 x 560 x 390 mm
Power supply voltage(220 ± 22) V
Frequency(50 ± 1) Hz
Gross Weight22 kg

Dual mode to study the K and Na testing simultaneously

Protection device for flameouts

High sensitivity and small amount of sample

Adjustable flame sizes for easy use

Repeatability - 1% CV for 20 consecutive samples

Used widely in the measurement of alkali elements concentration in all sample types in: Mineral Extraction, Oil Industry, Paper Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Soil Analysis, Utilities, Food & Beverage, Chemical Manufacture and Fertilizer and Clinical laboratory testing and Pathological study in medical health.

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