Low speed centrifuge F-LSC301

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Low speed centrifuge F-LSC301

Low speed centrifuge F-LSC301 is a robust table top centrifuge configured with superior temperature control for low temperature demanding samples and advance CPU control system for sup operation and precise, reliable results. This centrifuge controls situations like over speed and imbalance by automatic spinning down the rotations speed. Low speed centrifuge is equipped with emergency lock under the bottom of centrifuge for opening of lid during power failure.

Max. speed4000rpm
Max. RCF2390x g
Max. Capacity6×50ml
Timer range0~99min
Speed accuracy±10rpm
Power supplyAC220V/110V/50Hz, 2A
Dimension HxWxD485x320x255 mm

LED display enables user to keep track of current speed, time, RCF

Microprocessor controlled system with advanced CPU

Wide range of rotors are available which ensure easy and safe loading

Designed with high quality steel body and brushless DC motor

Emergency lock for opening of lid during power failure

Certified with CE, ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 quality certification

Low speed centrifuge is widely used in biochemistry, blood banks, pharmaceutical industries, bioprocess industries.

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