Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath F-LTWB107

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Low Temperature Thermostatic Water Bath F-LTWB107

Low-Temperature Thermostat Bath F-LTWB107 is furnished with a microcomputer controlling system for quick and easy monitoring of parameters. It is provided with an auto-heating and auto refrigeration system to reduce human efforts. It has a volume capacity of 100 L with a large chamber with a circulating pump flow of 13L/ min. It can withstand the temperature ranges of -5 to 100℃ with fluctuation ±0.05℃. It is equipped with advanced features to warn the user in case of overheating and overcooling.

Volume (L)100
Temperature Range (℃)-5 to 100
Temperature Fluctuation (℃)±0.05
Sink Dimension (L×W×D)mm625×400×400
Sink Front Opening (mm)400×380
Cooling Capacity (W)7000
Circulating Pump Flow (L/Min)13

It has a computerized definition that ranges 0.1? or 0.01?, with the capacity of change temperature take-off

It comprises of microcomputer smart control with temperature high accuracy

It has the limit of overheating security, which has the office of programmed cut power source and alarms

The item manages the programmed overheating security or overcurrent refrigerating framework

Set postpone start and stop buttons are given to this specific examination

The item is planned with an air-cooled refrigeration blower, which can cool quickly to get great outcome recording

Low-temperature thermostat is widely used, physical, chemical and biological engineering, medicine and health, life sciences, food industry, physical testing, and chemical analysis and in petroleum, chemical industry, electronic instruments, research departments, universities, enterprises, and production quality inspection departments.

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